Thursday, 15 December 2011

Directors commentary

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analysis of a music video

Coldplay - Paradise

genre: Alternative/Pop

  • completely unconventional music video
  • band members appear as the elephants but we only find this out right near end of video
  • bright lighting and colours are used 
  • lryrics match up with visuals such as the lyrics throughout the song are displayed on cardboard plaques 
  • when talking about paradise shows the elephant in nice forest locations
  • the video altogether though does not really link with the song.
  • no running motifs

Basic camera angles/shot

There are many different camera angles and shots used in films/videos, these include; Extreme Long Shots, Long Shots, Medium Shots, Close-Ups, Extreme Close-Ups.
- Extreme long shots are mainly used to show/establish locations or settings as seen in the example above.
- Long shots are usually used to show the scene in full so that the audience can get a feel for the location
- Mid shots are usually used to show the artist (person being filmed) so that the focus is on them and what they are doing
- Close ups are usually used to show emotion on the artists face only so that the audience is focus on their facial expression
- Extreme close ups are essentially used to do the same as above

Different height orientated camera angles include; Bird’s Eye View, High Angle, Eye Level, Low Angle, Oblique/Canted Angle.

- Birds eye view shots are often extreme long shots and are used to establish a location.
- High angle shots have multiple uses, they can be used as establishing shots, they are also used to make the focus appear smaller and sometimes less significant.
- Eye level shots are used to show the artist face to face to create a greater connection between them and the audience.
- low angle shots are often used to make people appear larger and more important.

analysis of a music video

The Only Exception - Paramore
genre: Punk rock

  • follows a story-line so matches the lyrics
  • punk everyday outfit
  • notion of looking into someone's house
  • laying on the pile of heart matches song lyrics
  • wide shot of the whole song
  • lots of close ups of main artist
  • close ups of the band playing
  • effective use of costume changes 
  • some outfits are more seductive than others such as the dress on the date
  • ends on the same scene that the song begins on

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Contacting The Saturdays

I found out that fascination records were The Saturdays management team and so decided to email them concerning using their song as our choice. Above is what i would of wrote.

Themes in The Saturdays music videos

The Saturdays is a girl group and is made up by 5 different singers. In every one of their music videos they have made it colourful through the clothing they wear or the accessories that they use. A good example of this is their music video to their song 'Up'.

The above screen shot is from one of the first fast shots 1) setting the pace of the video which fits in with the genre and 2) giving a clear imagery of colour which associates with The Saturdays and is consistant through all of their videos.

The screen shot below is also from one of the first shots in the video which shows the different colours and allows the audience to associate the different colours with the different members of the group. 

As I pointed out earlier they also use the accessories to associate their colours with themselves as this screen shot is showing, the member that the shot is focused on is holding an orange bad and an orange ring and as seen in other shots from the video, is also wearing orange tights and holds an orange microphone in the video just as the member in the back ground of this shot is holding a pink/purple microphone and also wearing the same colour tights.

Evaluation indiviual timed response - Melissa

In our music video we changed normal video conventions where the artist is made to look glamourous whereas we made our artist, Emma, look ordinary and having a really bad day as we wanted to show that all though singers/artists are famous, they also have bad days. Our digipak is a cross between a happy mood and a bad mood. Our magazine advert has a screen shot of Emma from the video throwing her broken umbrella to the floor in frustration. This challenges the conventions ussually used in a magazine advert as the producers of the advert may use; a photo of the CD album or they may have done a photo shoot of the artist looking glamourous using a theme from the music video or something that apears in several of the music videos of the album and the photo of the artist would most likely be a close up of the artist's face. Some of the writing on the magazine advert is slightly harder to read and in my opinion, now that I've looked back at it, should be a different colour than orange and  blue, that is easier to read on the background colour that it is on and i feel a dark red would have been a better colour to use as it would have shown up on the background.
For the DVD cover we used the same font for "The Saturdays" as in the magazine advert, but we used a darker shade of orange. We have Emma looking slightly more glamourous as it isn't just for the song "Had it with today", but for all the songs that are featured in the album. What we did use to show that the product was connected with the video and to connect it with the magazine advert was the umbrella idea.
When viewed seperately, the audience would be able to link all three products together from the simple but effective image of Emma with the umbrella. This is because in the video the shot of Emma with the umbrella is quick but the fact that the umbrella is in the album cover and she looks happy and it's a different one triggers the idea that she has a new umbrella and that simple things in life can make people happy.
The feed back we recieved was helpful to us as it told us what we did good and the auidence made it clear what they didn't like about the video and through that suggested what we could have done to make it better. The audience liked that the visuals in the video we made matched the lyrics which was used quite a few times in our video. The outfits Emma wore during filming had quite dark colours and she mainly wore black trousers or jeans which we and the audience felt helped reflect a bad/dark mood which is the subject of the song which is what we wanted to get across to the auidence. Another technique we used which was mentioned in the audience feed back, was that we used the idea of voyersim, the notion of looking, which was shown twice in the first part of our video. The first time was when Emma was in bed waking up and the second was through the mobile phone and the text that was recieved.
To create our music video and digipak we used several different technologies which ranged from the construction, research, planning and the evaluation stages. For our research we used a number of websites that contained the theories we need, for example, Goodwin's theory. We also used google to gain images of real magazine adverts and album covers which we then analysed to for research on what we would need to include in ours. We also looked at several music videos which had the same genre as ours and also at several music videos which The Saturdays had already created in the past. For our planning we used still cameras to blog our written ideas which includes our story board, time line for our deadlines and feedback which we later decided to type up instead. We also took still shots with the HD film camera, which we also used for filming, for the ideas of our possible locations and to do test shots for our video to see where and how we'd position the camera. For the construction of our video we used the following technologies; HD film camera, Mac computer and final cut. We tried several techniques available from final cut on our film shots to get the best we possibly could get out of our video. We also had advice from the technician who advised us to make our shot durations shorter and add more shots to make the video correspond to the genre of the song. For our magazine advert we used final cut and photoshop to get the image we wanted and the text. I feel we didn't spend as much time needed on the magazine advert as was needed as I feel it could have been done better if we'd spent a bit more time on it.
We used a HD film camera and took still photos, tripod, iphoto and photoshop for the album cover. I think this product is our best as we put a lot of time and effort into producing this product and aligning all the peices of the photo together, getting the shadows right and also adding all the text. The colour of the text has my mixed opinion. The red writing shows up well and is easy to read as is the dark orange for "The Saturdays"
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